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You're Not Normal

How NORMAL it is to get stressed, anxious, or frustrated in situations in our lives!

😣 The fire alarm went off just as I was getting to the juicy part of a great lesson.

😩 My computer froze just as I was logging into Zoom.

😫 My wife misunderstood me and thought I was intentionally being mean.

😖 Traffic extended the travel time by 40 minutes.

Yet the truth is, stress, anxiousness, and frustration are a choice. And I'm no longer interested in making that choice.

So much seems "normal" about how we live. It's "normal" to:

  • feel insecure in a new situation

  • feel stressed when others are depending on us

  • feel unsafe around people we don't know

  • ruminate destructively on something someone said

  • analyze a situation until we're mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted

  • hope for a someday when everything will have worked out

"Normal" is not necessarily optimal. "Normal" is not necessarily healthy. "Normal" is not necessarily fulfilling.

You're not really normal anyway, are you?

You've got a whisper of something else inside. A spark of life yet unlived. A world of potential, of possibility, of opportunity nearly within reach.

You know there's more love possible. More ease, peace, and enjoyment possible. More understanding, compassion, and collaboration possible. More energy, inspiration, and courage possible.

Don't settle for 'normal' if you're inspired to go beyond it. Don't settle for the status quo for you or others when something else is possible.

Thanks so much for reading. ❤️

P.S. If you're interested in exploring how working with me can elevate your life and results beyond what's "normal," schedule a free exploration conversation with me.

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