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One-on-one conversations that profoundly impact what's possible.

Awaken your full capacity to thrive
no matter the circumstances

Transformational coaching with Mick guides clients to a palpable shift in their experience of themselves, others, and life itself. In these one-on-one conversations, clients wake up to new possibilities for being and acting, and they experience results they never thought possible.


Our conversations will be in service of your goals, but the real magic of our work together lies in what you will uncover and see for yourself - about the nature of your true, best self and the profound capacity you have to thrive and succeed in life no matter the circumstances.

What's it like to coach with Mick?

"Mick has only one item on his agenda – to help people live a better, more satisfying life. Mick listens deeply and compassionately, allowing me to feel at ease and be myself. At the same time, Mick listens beyond my self-imposed limitations and fears. He hears possibility & greatness and then guides me towards those things." 

Peter, Music Educator and

Founder/Director of Total Vocal Freedom

My work with clients is grounded in the following principles:

  • We each have an innate capacity for insight and well-being, and this capacity is much greater than we think.

  • Accessing this innate capacity in areas of life that matter to us leads to breakthrough experiences and results.

  • Conversations with me guide clients to access this innate capacity for themselves.

My coaching methodology is universally applicable - your color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, politics, and personal history won't affect what we're able to accomplish together. I'm committed that each of my clients finds our work together easy, enlightening, effective, and enjoyable.

If this interests you, schedule a free 60-minute exploration session:


I’ve been dealing with a particular issue in my life for the last 13 years that’s caused me to doubt myself, question my worth, and sometimes wonder whether others really wanted me in their life, even some of the people closest to me. I never would’ve thought it could get resolved in a single conversation, and it did. My conversation with Mick truly was a miracle.

Gladys G.


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