Thrive in all circumstances with clarity, confidence, and creativity.

What is Transformational Life Coaching?


All great athletes have coaches who guide them to continual growth and optimal performance. A life coach's work is similar: provide useful reflection, highlight gaps in performance, and guide clients' development to help them make the most of life. Transformational coaching does that and more. 

Our conversations will be in service of your goals, but the real magic of our work together lies in what you will uncover and see for yourself - about the nature of your best self and the profound capacity you have to thrive and succeed in life.

When we awaken more clearly to our fundamental nature and capacities, there's an immediate shift in our experience of ourselves and our lives that allows us to take actions and have results that we never thought were possible. That's the promise of transformational coaching with Mick.

What's it like to coach with Mick?

My work with clients is grounded in the following principles:

  • We each have an innate capacity for insight and well-being.

  • Accessing this innate capacity in areas of life that matter to us leads to breakthrough experiences and results.

  • There are simple tools and processes available that each of us can master to awaken that innate capacity. 

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My coaching methodology is universally applicable - your color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, politics, and personal history won't affect what we're able to accomplish together. I'm committed that each of my clients finds our work together easy, enlightening, effective, and enjoyable.


A guiding philosophy that I've adopted is that "there's no need to push, but don't hold back," and I promise you'll find that falling in love with yourself, others, and life itself is much easier than you ever thought possible.

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Coaching Options


1-on-1 Coaching for Adults

Ages 23+

$80 per session, 60 minutes


Relationship Coaching for Couples

Married or unmarried adults (ages 23+)

$90 per session, 60 minutes


1-on-1 Coaching for Young Adults

Ages 19-23 (College-aged)

$60 per session, 45 minutes


I had a great experience that has continued to reverberate through my daily life and interactions, with people close to me and even at work. Seeing how my "weaknesses" serve me was mind blowing. There were such helpful tools - like getting present - that we can use in all areas of life. I grew in confidence and insight into myself. 

Sadé N.

The insight, wisdom, and curiosity Mick brought to the workshop was incredibly helpful. He created space for others to get present to their own insights. For people from all walks of life and all ages - we all have similar questions - it's comforting to see that none of us have it all together. Mick was our guide in getting one step closer. 

Paul N.

The workshop tied together well-designed conversations about tools that allow access to insights and awareness. I really enjoyed it and felt comfortable with everyone. Mick listens well for what is important to each participant, and he asks great questions that lead participants to deeper insights. 

Gary W.