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What Game Are You Trying to Win?

Here are some of the default games most of us spend our lives trying to win:

  • Get it right

  • Be better than others

  • Look good

  • Avoid looking bad

  • Avoid discomfort

  • Please others

  • Be liked

  • Do what I'm supposed to do

  • Don’t hurt others’ feelings

These games are fine, but they’re not really satisfying. We keep playing them, though, in hopes of being accepted socially and to minimize risk.

Spending our lives playing default games is living a life of "have-to" instead of "would-love-to."

These default games often carry a price: desperation and anxiety; monotony, boredom, and lethargy; isolation and a lack of connection and love.

Here are some other games we could play:

  • How good can this life get?

  • Do what I love

  • Love what I do

  • Live full out

  • Love full out

  • Unconditional love

  • No complaining, no gossiping

  • Make the biggest difference I can make

  • Enjoy it all

  • Listen for gems whenever someone talks

  • Always do my best

  • How much fun can I have today?

  • How much fun can we have today?

  • Experience perfection and beauty in everything

  • Live passionately

What are the default games you’re playing? What game would you much rather play?

Thanks so much for reading. ❤️

P.S. If you'd like to explore your default and desired games with me, schedule a free conversation - I promise it'll be a valuable conversation.

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