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on awakening the true self 

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Two Ingredients for Making Magic

There are two key ingredients to magical teaching, and these ingredients can be applied well beyond the field of education.

The first ingredient is that the magic isn’t in the teacher, it’s in the student. The more we recognize that there’s a creative, loving, and passionate genius within each of our students, the less our job becomes about getting somewhere in a lesson and the more it becomes about supporting students to unleash this genius. Once we realize that we all already have everything we need to thrive in life, we can simply respect, honor, and support the perfection already within ourselves and others.

The second ingredient of magical teaching is to adjust to the terrain in front of you, no matter what the map says (I’ve found this principle to be true with life goals as well). Teachers have objectives, intentions, and goals in mind when working with students, and these goals are like a beacon in the distance. When we create a lesson plan, we have expectations that the class will follow the plan as designed and we’ll arrive at the beacon of understanding together.

However, the actual terrain of the journey can surprise us, and we’ve got to be aware and willing to adapt in the moment. We need to adjust to the bumps, sinkholes, mountains, and rifts that show up along the way. All it takes is to be aware and willing.

Try these ingredients in your own relationships, whether you're a teacher or not. Trust me, they're magical.

Thanks so much for reading. ❤️

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