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Turning Problems Into Opportunities

The difference between a problem and an opportunity is ONLY our perception.


This cube: which square do you see in front, red or gray?

Now, switch it in your mind and see it the other way. You can do it.

Nothing has to change about the cube for us to see it newly.

A shift in perspective can be the most powerful, inspiring, and effective motivation we ever need in our lives. It's not magic, but it is quite magical.

If we can find the opportunity in our problems, the problems dissolve and we’re left only with opportunities.

We don’t need to change or fix ourselves or our circumstances to have a whole new experience of our problems and challenges.

Every problem can be transformed into an opportunity. Every. Single. One.

Now, don’t go making yourself wrong if you can’t see the opportunities in your current problems. That type of judging and make-wrong doesn’t help! It’s a vicious circle we sometimes put ourselves in where we add layers of judgments onto ourselves - it doesn't help, and it makes challenges more painful.

Instead, simply start to inquire:

Where is the opportunity in this challenge?

How could I respond to this challenge in a way that feels great?

What outcome to this situation would inspire me?

How can I use this problem to improve my life and the lives of people around me?

How would an empowered person respond?

How would I love to respond?

How would I respond if I could respond ANY way?

The difference between a problem and an opportunity is our perception. Start there. When we do, problems dissolve before our eyes.

Thanks so much for reading. ❤️

P.S. Life coaches help people turn challenges into opportunities, constraints into freedom, ideas into plans, and dreams into reality. Sign up for a free consultation with me if you're interested in experiencing new insight, inspiration, empowerment, and motivation in areas of life that you care about.

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