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on awakening the true self 

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This Is YOUR Curriculum

This life, each moment of it, is your spiritual curriculum.

The boredom, the fear, the excitement, the dreams, the action, the passion, the insecurity.

All of it.

It’s all here to help us grow and learn, expand and elevate.

This life is a mountain without a top, and the only option is to keep hiking up.

So take those rocks out of your backpack - you picked them up, now put them back down. Lighten your load, dear friend.

Appreciate the miracle of your body, mind, and heart as it supports you on this trip. So often we battle inside with these key aspects of our humanity - we judge our body and curse its aches, we blame the mind for distracting us and being conditioned, and we run from and resist the emotions of the heart as if a moment of sadness means death.

The body is for you. The mind is for you. The heart is for you. They are the spirit’s companions on this glorious trip we’re on.

What does it mean that this life is your spiritual curriculum?

It means you’re on a spiritual retreat - always. 

And each interaction matters - our external interactions with others and the world around us, and our internal interactions with each part of ourselves.

Do you get that? Really? That whether you bring love and understanding, or annoyance and frustration, or fear and loathing - each interaction matters. Each interaction is an opportunity to plant a seed intentionally or to plant a seed negligently.

Your life is your spiritual retreat - bloom where you are, my friend.


When I was a junior in high school I had a powerful moment of insight, like I was seeing the code of the Matrix for the first time. In the middle of class, all of a sudden I saw the world around me more clearly than I’d ever seen it before - the mathematics and physics so perfectly described the physical universe I’d been experiencing my whole life.

Newton’s first law: an object in motion will continue moving exactly the same...unless it’s acted upon by an outside net force.

If you’d like an outside force to help you realign your life, actions, and experience with what really matters to you, reach out and let’s explore working together. Take the spiritual retreat of your life to the next level. The time is Now.

P.S. As a transformational coach - a life coach, a soul coach - I help teens, adults, and organizations move beyond their self-imposed limitations to be their best and feel their best. If you’re interested in finding out how I can support you or your organization, reach out and let’s talk. 💌

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