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on awakening the true self 

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The View from a New Understanding

I was 16 years old and sitting in the second row of Mr. Conrad’s physics course when it happened: insight struck me, my awareness expanded, and the universe has never looked the same.

Like most of Mr. Conrad’s demonstrations, his monkey hunter demo failed to work at the beginning of class. Still, in that same lesson, math, physics, and my experience coalesced into a new view of literally everything. I didn’t necessarily understand the specific details of the universe much better than I had the moment before, yet I could never lose awareness of that synergistic commingling of topics that can describe so much of the world I saw and knew about.

When we’re faced with challenges, setbacks, or disappointments in life, mostly we seek strategies or advice that we can apply to the situation for an improvement. The problem is that strategies and advice are often like getting help to solve a specific physics problem without understanding physics well enough to solve problems more broadly. The advice might help a bit in a specific problem, but it’s back to square one when we get to the next problem.

We don’t need new strategies and advice. We need new understanding.

This week I opened up registration into two two-week summer workshops:

In these workshops, participants won’t simply leave with advice and strategies that they could read in a book or hear about on a podcast. Instead, each participant will leave with a new understanding of themselves and life itself. This understanding will open unforeseen doorways to greater clarity, peace of mind, integrity, and effectiveness.

Join one of these workshops with me and see what life’s challenges look like from a new understanding. Trust me, the view is great.

By the way, there will also be tips and strategies too. 😉


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