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How to Become the Bravest Person You Know

“You are literally the bravest person I know.”

I received that one-line email from an experienced and respected colleague soon after a faculty culture development session.

Here’s something that I've found that works really well in conversations with others (and in life in general!): aligning my intentions with my commitments.

I'm committed to excellence and the well-being of all life (including me). When I align my moment-to-moment intentions with this commitment, I am invincible.

Whether you agree or not, I know that you are committed to big and important things for yourself, others, and the world. Your well-being matters to you. The well-being of people you care about matters to you. And you’ve got a set of core values that you’d be quite pleased to see the world embrace.

And if you’re like the rest of us, there’s less-important junk that gets in the way of you aligning your actions with your commitments.

Maybe it’s a fear of disappointing others, of hurting someone’s feelings, of feeling embarrassed or ashamed, or a fear of being outcast. Maybe it’s an insecurity that you won’t express yourself well, that you’re not exactly sure how to say what you mean, or what it might mean if someone misunderstands you.

Or perhaps you’re just a well-trained and habitual people-pleaser.

All of that junk - so real and so limiting as it is - has one thing in common: it’s all about you.

It’s about your fears. It’s about your insecurities. It’s about people being pleased with you.

When your commitments to others, to your institutions, and to the world become more important than saving face…

When loving, serving, or authentically connecting with others becomes more important than pleasing them…

When positive impacts become more important than our temporary feelings of fear, discomfort, or embarrassment…

That’s when we live with integrity. That’s when we align our internal commitments with our external actions. That’s when we act from our true self and not our survival-based personality.

That’s when we are living responsibly from our own inner, authentic inspiration for what’s possible rather than simply maintaining the status quo of what's probable.

The status quo has never been enough for you. You’ve always known this.

You’ve always known that something else is possible and your soul is longing for it.

Living a life of integrity is an option for you in each and every moment of your life. And here’s how to begin: commit to it.

Commit to aligning your internal and external worlds. Commit to expressing your spiritual truth in your words and behaviors. Commit to honoring yourself and others equally, compassionately, lovingly, and honestly.

Then, align your moment-to-moment intentions with those commitments.

That is the path, and you’re ready to walk it.

Be the bravest person you know.

Thank you so much for engaging with my work. 🙏❤️

P.S. As a transformational life coach, I help people move beyond their self-imposed limitations to fall in love with life and feel amazing. If you’re interested in finding out how I can support you, reach out and let’s talk. 💌

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