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The Greatest Day of My Life

I was feeling in a lower mood one day last week, even after my morning routine. There were no particular thoughts or reasons that I could see behind it. Then, as I grabbed my bag to leave for work, I had a thought pop into mind:

What would it take for this to be the greatest day of my life?

My answer that day: passion, enjoyment, courage, love, and getting s#!% done.

What’s powerful about the question is that it’s an opportunity to consider and to create: yes, given the circumstances of this day, who can I be in the face of all of it to make this day the greatest?

The trick in answering that question is to answer it as a way of being.

Obviously, getting a salary raise, or getting the day off from work, or being showered with admiration and love from others would make today pretty great too. But that stuff may or may not happen, and it’s someone else’s business whether it does.

What is my business, what is in my grasp, is who I can show up as and who I can present myself as to my life.

Why not do whatever it takes to have this be the greatest day of our lives? I trust myself that I’ll be considerate, compassionate, and have integrity in my actions, and I trust you too.

Let’s make today the greatest day of our lives, on purpose. ❤️

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