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Explorations and Reflections

on awakening the true self 

  • Writer's pictureMick Scott

The Exploration Continues

Explorations and reflections on awakening the true self in education.

Last January I wondered what I might discover and uncover by blogging twice weekly for a year, so I committed to it. Last week that year came to an end: I posted 104 times in 52 weeks - every Monday and Thursday - without missing a post. I’m proud of following through, and I’m grateful for the privilege of time, experience, inspiration, and articulation to be able to so.

So many of you have followed this journey. ❤️ I’m grateful for your interest, time, and attention. Thank you. 🙏

One year of showing up, and here’s a sampling of what I discovered:

  • There really is a well-being gap in education and filling that gap begins with educators, the adult already in the room.

  • Teaching has been a phenomenal education for me, and I’m privileged to have been trusted to teach.

  • Teaching, as well as any profession that offers us an audience, is a profound opportunity to connect, to guide, to love, and to grow.

  • Taking responsibility is still one of the most powerful actions I can ever take, and this is one of the key lessons missing in our and our students’ education.

  • Getting grounded and setting intentions has been a critical tool in my profession and life. I always perform better when I do this.

  • My calling is to guide adults, especially educators, to transformational insight and action through coaching and workshops. This path is inevitable, and I’m walking it.

  • I’m an artist, and having transformational conversations is my art.

This exploration continues! For the next year, I will be posting to this blog just once weekly instead of twice. I'll post on Monday.

During the next couple months, I will also be putting together and sharing ebooks of a few different categories of my writing from the last year. I’m excited to work on this next project!

Thanks again for sharing this journey with me. If you’re willing, I’d greatly appreciate your taking a couple minutes to let me know how you’ve received my writing - you can click this link and it will take you to a brief survey.

I hope you have a healthy, satisfying, and enjoyable week. Thank you so much for reading my work. ❤️


P.S. If you're interested in seeing what inner magic coaching with me might unlock for you, or what difference it might make for your school or organization to host my workshops, sign up for a free 30-minute conversation to discuss it with me!

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