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on awakening the true self 

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Powerfully Practical, and Entirely Spiritual

A couple months ago, a client of mine produced an extraordinary result in his life. Something that he’d been grappling with for a long time suddenly became clear and easy for him.

In our conversation last week, he reflected how that one moment of transformation a couple months ago has lasted. He’s made a change and he’s never looked back.

This transformation was powerfully practical, and it was entirely spiritual.

Most of the time, we think of our goals solely as something practical, something in the physical world we either achieve or we don’t. And because of this, we focus solely on the strategies, the technique, the doing.

Here are some examples:

Goal: Experience greater health and well-being. We tend to think that this is just a matter of actions we take or of physical quantities like energy-level, motivation-level, or genetics. 

Goal: Experience greater effectiveness at work. We think we simply need better strategies in order to perform better - strategies with our assignments and strategies for our relationships. 

Goal: Experience love and fulfillment in marriage. We think this depends on finding the right person, having the same preferences, or if we could just behave better towards each other.

Strategies are valuable, and they're not sufficient.

To achieve the worthwhile practical results in ways that feed our overall well-being, it generally requires inner work too. The spiritual work.

In other words, achieving our Goal-Line results requires Soul-Line work.

This is the work my client has been doing, and it's impacting every area of his life. It's what led directly to the extraordinary breakthrough I referenced above.

(In fact, it's the work that all my clients are doing, whether they recognize it or not!)

It's the inner work. The spiritual work. The soul-line work.

Aligning ALL levels of who we are. Integrity from our deep core to our bodies, words, and actions.

When we've done the work to align ourselves at all levels of our being, the results show up seemingly out of nowhere. Like magic. Like divine intervention.

And the truth is, it is divine intervention. By doing the inner work, the divine is better able to do its work.

Powerfully practical, and entirely spiritual.

Thank you for engaging with my work. ❤️

P.S. As a transformational coach, I help teens, adults, and organizations move beyond their self-imposed limitations to be their best and feel their best. If you’re interested in finding out how I can support you or your organization, reach out and let’s talk. 💌

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