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Our Thoughts Aren't Innocent

I've felt sad and worried about a friend.

I'd been seeing his diagnosis and healing path as a problem. I'd been seeing it as something that's wrong and shouldn't be. 

Sitting with him recently, I realized that those thoughts have an energy. I had been creating the energy of problem, sad, horrible, unfair.

That energy likely isn't conducive to healing! So I shifted the energy by shifting my thinking. 

Changing our thinking isn’t necessarily easy. We first have to really to distinguish what’s happening from our thinking about what’s happening. This is a critical first step, and one that opens the door to possibility. 

When we’ve collapsed what’s happening with our thinking about what’s happening, we’re certain that the way we see things is “the way things are,” and we leave no room for possibility.

I mean, how arrogant is it for me to feed with energy the idea that "This shouldn't be"?!?! As if I can possibly understand the infinite workings of the body, the mind, the universe, and the Divine.

So I intentionally created a new interpretation:

"My friend is healing. This is his path, and it's perfect. He has what it takes to move through this. He’s strong. We are strong. The human body is a miraculous vessel and it serves its role beautifully and powerfully." 

I'm choosing to intentionally feed with energy the idea that, "This is perfect, and my friend and the rest of us can handle this."

Our internal and external language is powerful and impactful. 

Mostly we’re blind to our language and its impacts. Even when we’re intentional about our language, the full breadth of our impact likely stretches beyond what we even think or see.

Our default judgments and opinions aren’t innocent - they have a real impact because they have a real energy to them. They’re also not original or creative. They’re inherited from our past or inspired by fear.

In many ways, we don’t have thoughts - our thoughts have us. Break this habit and master your mind

Thanks so much for reading. ❤️

P.S. There are three ways you can support yourself by working with me: one-on-one coaching, the Mind Mastery Experience happening on April 7, and hiring me to work with your team, group, or organization. Connect with me when you’re ready. 💌

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