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Love Isn't Something We "Catch"

“Mick and Amy, your superpower is Acknowledgment.”

At our outgoing meeting as the lead couple on a board of directors, my wife and I were thanked for reliably bringing our “acknowledgment superpower” to our work with the organization.

Acknowledgment is a creative expression of gratitude for what another brings or has brought; not what they've brought as a thing, but what they've brought as a way of being. Acknowledgment is also a gift and an opportunity to both giver and the receiver.

This Thanksgiving holiday, however, I want to share the source of our acknowledgment superpower: Presence, Gratitude, and Love.

Love and Gratitude are two sides of the same hand - if you Love, you’re Grateful; if you’re Grateful, you Love. In all of the following statements, you can replace Love with Gratitude.

Though Love seems like a feeling we “catch” from our circumstances or external conditions, Love actually flares up from within.

Love doesn’t need a target; we can Love for the sake of the feeling itself.

Like learning to create music with an instrument, scenes with a brush, or language with a pen, we can learn to create Love with our body and create Love with our mind.

Fear is designed to protect something we Love; seeing the Love behind the fear helps dissolve the fear and connect us with Love. We can foster Gratitude for the gift of fear.

Our Love is a gift to others, and it’s also a gift to ourselves.

Love is our destination, our vehicle, and our road.

All we ever need to do is find something in this moment to Love. There’s always something present that’s worthy of our Love.

Love only ever exists in this present moment.

Thank you so much for joining me on this blog journey each week. I’m grateful to get to do something I love and to share it with interested people. Thank you. ❤️

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