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on awakening the true self 

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I just had a spur of the moment call with a client/friend because something popped up for her. She received an email from a former colleague, and a bunch of strong feelings and judgments overcame her - feelings and judgments about her former colleague, and feelings and judgments about herself.

She called seeking clarity, peace of mind, and reconnection to what she really values and is committed to.

This is extraordinary.

To have our reactions to others yet put on the brakes before communicating from our reactions.

To know that something else is possible and to take steps to honor that.

To get that our first reaction lacks integrity with who we are and who we aim to be, then to realign ourselves with what really matters to us.

This is extraordinary.

My conversations with people uncover their deepest values, commitments, and passions, and they get access to freely living from there now. We unlock new avenues for living that align with what we really want for ourselves and others, and this frees us from our default or conditioned reactions to what we don’t want.

Parents, families, teachers, friends, culture - they've taught us how we're supposed to be. Sometimes, though, we want something else - living inspired, not living by default.

Health, work, family, relationships, hobbies, finances. Wherever we’re blocked, stopped, frustrated, or constrained, there’s an opportunity to do a little work and experience the extraordinary.

As my friend Ross recently shared in a post: “Extraordinary is a commitment.”

I’m so grateful that this client reached out to me this afternoon. She got to experience the gift of freedom from frustration, anger, fear, and insecurity. She also got to experience the gift of who she really is and what she’s really committed to fostering in the world: compassion, love, and community.

And I got to witness the extraordinary.

Thanks so much for reading. Go be extraordinary. ❤️

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