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Explorations and Reflections

on awakening the true self 

  • Writer's pictureMick Scott


Curiosity is an exploration that happens in this moment.

Curiosity is putting attention over there.

Curiosity is asking questions, and then more questions, and then more questions.

Curiosity is an invitation to others to engage and explore with us.

Curiosity is taking another look even when we know we're right.

Curiosity is checking things out and looking at objects, people, feelings, and ideas from different angles.

Curiosity is a way to understand something differently, to learn something new, to shift who we’ve been and who we’re becoming.

Curiosity is joy-inducing, enlivening, and freeing.

Curiosity is letting go of the (often) arrogant and limiting notion that we already know something.

Curiosity is an easy and powerful access to insight, wisdom, love, and clarity.

Curiosity is a gift we give to ourselves as well as to others, much like love, compassion, trust, and generosity.

Curiosity is looking out into the future and being willing to see much more than what we know from the past.

Curiosity is a path to breakthroughs.

Curiosity is safe.

Curiosity is not what killed the cat; lack of awareness did that.

Thanks so much for reading. ❤️

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