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Complaining Is Amateur

There’s nothing wrong with being an amateur. We’re an amateur whenever we begin something, and of course there are plenty of activities at which we don’t even care to become Pro.

Living our best life, though - that’s probably someplace we all would like to be a Pro.

Having a complaint isn't Amateur. Having a complaint is simply having a thought. Allowing a complaint to overcome our attitude and our feelings, allowing a complaint to take over our thinking - that's Amateur. While it can feel really good to play out being a victim to our complaints, it's also pretty unsatisfying, frustrating, and tiring.

Being Amateur about a complaint is living life from the outside-in - it's living at the effect of a circumstance, being a victim to a circumstance, allowing a circumstance to dictate our experience, feelings, and being.

To repeat myself: the problem isn't having a complaint. Having a complaint is having a perspective that something could change for the better. Sometimes it’s Pro to complain - speaking up for yourself and what you want; communicating what doesn’t work to the powers that be; engaging others in conversations to improve conditions and circumstances.

All of that is fine - it’s PROactive and it’s responsible.

The problem comes when we allow our complaint to take over our being - our thinking, feeling, attitude, and presence of mind.

Our complaints often take the form of dramatic victim energy, and we almost never direct our complaints to the people accountable in a proactive, respectful, and collaborative way.

It’s okay to start with a complaint, but don’t stay there. Being a complainer: that’s Amateur.

Instead, live from the inside-out: be a communicator, be a collaborator, be responsible, be empowered, be creative, be PROactive.

Be a Pro.

Thanks so much for reading. ❤️

P.S. If you're interested in how working with me can take you from Amateur to Pro in areas of life that matter to you, reach out and let's schedule a conversation.

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