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on awakening the true self 

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Don't Be Cheap Like This

Our default way of thinking and being is cheap

It doesn’t take effort. It doesn’t take time. It doesn’t take soul.

It’s cheap to judge. It’s cheap to criticize. It's cheap to condemn.

We cheapen the value of others with the way we think and talk about them. We cheapen the value of ourselves this way too.

This cheap, default thinking and being is junk food for the soul - in some way it feels good (or else we wouldn't do it), yet it harms us and it harms others.

We’re just so used to it. We were raised in it. Our culture surrounds us with it. We’ve practiced it for years.

To be fair, most drama we enjoy as entertainment wouldn't exist if it weren't for our propensity to bull-crap ourselves and others with cheap, judgmental, and condemning thought and action.

The truth about this default "thinking" is that it’s not actually thinking at all. Default "thinking" is merely thoughts that happen to us.

It’s much more accurate to say not that we have these thoughts, but that these thoughts have us.

Here’s the intention of these default thoughts: to dress up the false self. To dress up the ego. To dress up the scared, lonely, unworthy, and unhealed parts of ourselves.

To cut others down in our minds so as to make ourselves seem taller. 

To protect ourselves as much as possible from the fear of looking bad.

To distract ourselves with cheap ways of being (judgmental, critical) to avoid having to generate ourselves, be a little vulnerable, and make a positive difference in our lives and the lives of others.

Hate is cheap. Insult is cheap. Judgment is cheap. Anger is cheap. 

Love and Creativity, on the other hand, are expensive. 

They take will. They take courage. They take humility. They take generosity. They take vulnerability.

They require real thinking, with the mind and the heart.

So do compassion, authentic self-expression, peace of mind, freedom, and faith.

Let’s agree to stop cheapening our lives with judgment and condemnation of ourselves and others. Some things are worth paying for.

Much Love. ❤️

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