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Anxiety, a Love Letter

Most days at some point - especially in the morning - my anxiety screams at me that THERE’S SOMETHING WRONG!

It yells to me to DO SOMETHING! 

It terrorizes me in the chest, grabs my shoulders, and squeezes my mind.

It looks me wildly in the eyes, and it tells me to f-ing find them! Find the problems with me, find the problems with my life, and SOLVE THEM NOW! 

It yells for me to avoid my commitments, to stay frozen in place, and to expend any energy I have in searching my mind and thoughts for the way out, for the way to freedom.

In an internal battle, anxiety is unrelenting. There's no way out, there's no backing down, and the game feels over before I've even had a chance to get my bearings. 


I’ve fallen in love with anxiety. 

Anxiety is one of my greatest teachers. 

It's taught me awareness of my feelings and awareness of my unintentional mind. 

It continues to teach me courage, and it guides me to confidence.

It teaches me with choice: BE a victim to my feelings and thinking, or own my spirit’s ability to soar in ALL weather.

And wow, do I love to soar.

When I hear or feel the beginning whispers of anxiety, I no longer resist it or run from it. Anxiety is a love letter from an unseen teacher, a higher part of myself and the universe/God. I know that now.

But insights are a dime a dozen, and though transformation begins with insight, it gets realized in practice.

My morning routine is sacred to me. It’s an opportunity to meet my anxiety. An opportunity to commune with my heart, my mind, and my real desires. It has given me the space and the practice to fall in love with ALL of it. 

It’s not magic, but it’s so very magical.

Heaven is among us.

Which resistant, judgmental, and fearful part of yourself are you ready to let loose in order to be born again in love, passion, ease, enjoyment, and peace?

I’m here to help. Reach out if you’d like to honor the truest and deepest part of yourself over the unintentional and ineffective habits of mind, heart, and body that you continue to struggle with.

Thank you for reading my work. ❤️

P.S. As a transformational coach, I help teens, adults, and organizations move beyond their self-imposed limitations to be their best and feel their best. If you’re interested in finding out how I can support you or your organization, reach out and let’s talk. 💌

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