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A Surprising Way We Limit Others

Where we limit ourselves, we also limit humanity.

This is one of those truths that hits us so powerfully when we see it for ourselves.

So see it, dear reader.

Where are you limiting yourself?

In relationships?

In your health and well-being?

In your work?

In your art?

In your quality and enjoyment of life?

Last week I had a call with an educator - a brilliant, compassionate, generous, powerful, and loving man. His commitment to his students, his colleagues, and all people is so clear: Understanding, Safety, and Love. 

When he got in our conversation that limiting himself is also limiting others, it broke him into a new space of freedom to honor his values.

When we're clear on our 'why' for humanity, it gives us a road map to how we can grow in loving and caring for ourselves - with self-understanding, self-care, and self-love. 

Any time you don't give yourself room to be, I promise you there are places you're not giving others room to be.

And any time you don't give others room to be, there are places you're not giving yourself room to be.

"I can be my own harshest critic." Then you're simply a harsh critic - of others too.

Maybe you don’t speak your criticisms out loud. Maybe you're a critic for “good reasons." Maybe you simply consider yourself a realist. 

We've picked up habits and stories and ways of being throughout our lives that get in the way of what we're really committed to, what we really value, and what we really want for ourselves and others.

These habits and stories and ways of being limit ourselves, and where we limit ourselves, we limit humanity.

What you want for humanity, start by giving to yourself and the people closest to you first. Then you’ll see how much more capable you become of giving it to the world.

Self-love can look like a selfish thing to work on. I mean, shouldn’t we spend our time growing in love of others?!

Put the oxygen mask on yourself first, my friend. Breathe more easily, see more clearly, love more deeply.

While it’s true that where we limit ourselves, we also limit humanity, it's also true that:

Where we free ourselves, we also free humanity.

Thank you for reading. ❤️

P.S. There are three ways you can support yourself by working with me: one-one-one coaching, the adult and young adult Mind Mastery Experiences happening in February and April, and hiring me to work with your team, group, or organization. Reach out when you’re ready.

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