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Walking the Walk

A text I sent to a client last night:

Conversations with others can be so insightful and inspiring.

We see our thinking as we speak it into the space between us and another person. And when the other person speaks honestly with us, poking and pointing to different aspects of our thoughts, we gain new perspective.

New perspectives: shifts in how our life, others, and the world look to us.

I’ve had coaches over the years. One thing I LOVE about getting coached is that I often experience a palpable shift in my experience of life during the course of the conversation. These focused, intentional conversations are particularly insightful and inspiring.

While the transformation can be swift and effortless, sometimes the rubber really meets the road in between coaching calls and I’ve got to put effort into walking the walk.

Walking the walk of integrity. Of truth. Of inspiration.

This is the trial by fire.

...Well, it’s not really a trial, and it’s not really fire.

Here's how I know this:

  1. I’ve walked the walk

  2. I’ve witnessed hundreds of others walk the walk

  3. I've personally guided and supported dozens of others to walk the walk

Part of what I love about coaching is that my coach is my partner, and my coach is in my corner. My coach is thinking about me between the calls and messaging me with reminders and inspiring notes. My coach loves it when I message too.

And because I’ll be talking to my coach again soon, my butt is on the line. Not in a hard or authoritative way, but in a “Crap, I really don’t want to show up to a call without having moved forward what I know that I really want to move forward.”

This post isn’t about coaching, by the way - this post is about integrity.

Integrity is showing up. It’s honoring the word we’ve given to another. It’s being honest even if it’s hard.

Above all, integrity is aligning our inner world with our outer world. Our actions with our inner wisdom. Our words with our truth. Our being with our knowing.

Walking the walk is living with integrity. It’s possible for all of us, and it’s the only access to an inspiring and fulfilling future for ourselves and the people we care about.

Thanks so much for reading. ❤️

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