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Turning Challenges Into Opportunities

Give just 10 seconds of thought to this question: What about this very moment could be better?

This moment is perfect.

It really is.

This moment is always perfect. It always has been and it always will be.

The only place that any moment is ever not perfect is in our thinking.

For most of us, our unintentional, automatic, judgmental thinking skews to the negative - negative thinking is more likely to keep us physically and socially safe. It mostly does this by keeping us stagnant - we can’t get hurt playing a game if we never get on the court to play.

The thinking that we've been trained in - by family, friends, teachers, pop culture, etc. - is the unintentional and automatic thinking that pops into mind. It's default thinking, it's not creative thinking.

Here's the question again, asked a little differently: Which thoughts that you have right now are between you and knowing that this moment is perfect?

Whenever we get present to the truth that this moment is perfect, we give ourselves access to being in love with life and a world of possibilities opens up to us.

When we see that this moment is already perfect, every challenge becomes an opportunity. Challenge is just another word for Opportunity.

When I see that this moment is perfect:

  • I am free to enjoy life.

  • I am free to do what inspires me.

  • I am free to connect with others without fear of judgment or plans for perfection.

  • There’s nothing to regret and nothing to feel shame about.

  • My fears and insecurities are all okay and I have room for them.

This moment is perfect. It’s only in our thinking that it’s ever not perfect.

And we don't have to change our thinking - it changes automatically as we become more aware of the perfection of this and every moment.

Here are some helpful questions:

  1. What thoughts are between me and knowing that this moment is perfect? Where are these thoughts coming from? Where did I get trained to think this way?

  2. What about this moment is perfect?

  3. What am I currently challenged by? How is this challenge an opportunity?

  4. What could I do right now that would demonstrate that this challenge is an opportunity?

  5. What would I do right now if I didn't have to fix this moment first and get it perfect?

Thanks so much for reading. ❤️

P.S. If you'd like to see how your current challenges really can become opportunities, schedule a free conversation with me and we can explore them together.

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