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Explorations and Reflections

on awakening the true self 

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I’m too tired.

I’m not inspired enough.

I’m too disorganized.

I didn’t sleep well last night.

He’s not getting back to me.

I’m just not smart enough.

The world is against me.

I don’t know where to begin.

I’m not ready.

I don’t make enough.

Who am I to try that?

I’m too scared.

Someone else can do it better.

It might not work out.

I might look like an idiot.

People might judge me.

I’m not prepared.

We’ve got really good excuses. They're reasonable.

Some of our excuses are embarrassing. We're ashamed of some of them.

Our list of excuses seems to go on forever, and many of them repeat. We think and say some of them quite often.

Our excuses really do seem like a true and accurate description of reality. (They're not.)

Excuses are powerful! Excuses are effective, and they serve a really good purpose: they keep us stagnant.

  • Stagnant is safe.

  • Stagnant is low-risk.

  • Stagnant is low-uncertainty.

  • Stagnant conserves calories.

The problem with excuses and staying stagnant, however, is that there’s a flame burning within and its light is kept dim by excuses.

This flame...for some of us it’s a little candle flame, for others of us it’s a blazing firestorm. The only difference is excuses.

Consider what it might be like, though, if your internal flame of light, life, and love were allowed to grow. How might your relationships, your well-being, and the world itself shine when that light grows?

When we act in the face of excuses, we add fuel to the fire. When we act in the face of excuses, we feed our desire and ability to thrive. When we act in the face of excuses, we make a difference. When we act in the face of excuses, we live our lives purposefully, intentionally, and fully.

I leave you with three questions this week:

  • What purpose or intention is your life wanting to be lived in service of?

  • What excuses have you allowed to keep from living full out in service of that intention?

  • What actions would be evidence of you living life unbounded by the excuses that typically hold you back?

Supporting people to live a life they love is my favorite thing to do. Consider having a conversation with me to get in touch with your purpose and to lay out a clear, easy, and effective path to fulfilling it. If interested, click here to schedule a free conversation with me.

Thanks so much for reading. ❤️

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