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on awakening the true self 

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The Business of Making Magic

I’m in the business of making magic.

In the classrooms and hallways at school, teachers daily engage students in conversations that expand awareness and understanding of ourselves and the universe. People and the world look a little different by the end of class, and that means our experience of life has altered. That’s magical.

Magic also happens in coaching. I have an hour-long conversation with a client and my only job is to remain fully present and point and poke wherever insight moves me to do so. By the end of the conversation both my client and I are in a magical space, one where new openings for being and acting, enjoyment and effectiveness, ease and insight have arisen.

The same is true in my workshops - like stepping into a Disney theme park for the first time, workshop participants (and me!) often leave our conversations seeing life with clearer vision and a greater connection and access to what’s possible.

When we expand our awareness outside of our own default and conditioned thinking, we experience magic. The magic of nature, the magic of love, the magic of creativity, the magic of self-expression, and so on.

While I’m in the business of making magic, you’re also in a business where magic can be made.

Magic can be made in conversation.

The phrase “talk is cheap” comes to mind, but talk isn’t cheap: we cheapen talk. (Thanks to the Landmark Forum for this distinction.) We know when we’re playing it safe, when we’re dishonoring our commitments and word we’ve given. We also know when we’re unwilling to share deeply or vulnerably, or when we’re unwilling to poke and point to offer a friend, a colleague, or ourselves a broader perspective.

And it’s 100% okay to continue to communicate descriptively, to talk about things.

However, the possibility is nearly always present in a conversation to access insight and new ways of being and acting in our lives. That's making magic.

This blog continues to be an opportunity for me to make magic, and I’m so grateful to have an audience. Thank you for reading. ❤️

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