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on awakening the true self 

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This Little Light of Ours

What if…..............

There really is a light within each of us.

This light is our true self and is always seeking an authentic, clear, and open expression.

This light isn’t ours to control or manipulate and this light isn’t ours to direct or force.

All we have to do is put our stories, interpretations, narratives, judgments, regret, and expectations aside, step into this present moment, and allow the light to shine.

All there ever is to do is show up, follow the impulses of this inner light, and engage with what’s in front of us.

Overwhelm, worry, stress, and ineffectiveness are the result of applying our intellect to people and situations that would be better met with compassion, curiosity, and presence of mind.

Each of us adults could be a model of the power and possibility of adulthood for our kids, students, neighbors, and each other.

When we “get out of the way” and allow our authentic, inner light to shine in its truest expression, we are living life fully to the best of our abilities.

Teachers awakening to the clearest and fullest expression of their inner light is one of the key ingredients missing in many of our classrooms.

We could put our worries, budgets, politics, concerns, and fears aside to engage fully in the moment with our inner light guiding our way.

It’s not magic, though it’s magical. It’s not esoteric, though it’s uncommon. It’s not mystical, though it’s deeply spiritual.

All there ever is to do is relax into this moment, trust that we're cradled by a deep and pure intelligence and wisdom, put aside our thinking, and pay full attention to what’s really right in front of us.

Getting profoundly present allows that little spark of ours to light up the universe.

Thanks so much for reading. ❤️

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