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Our Battles Begin With Self-Betrayal

So many of us spend our lives preparing for war.

We think about what we’re going to say. We think about what we should’ve said. We amp up our anger, frustration, and intensity. We flood our nervous systems with stress, anxiety, and tension.

Of course we think we need to prepare for war - our lives are full of battles:

We battle with our parents.

We battle with our siblings.

We battle with our colleagues.

We battle with our boss.

We battle with our kids.

We battle with our spouse.

We battle with our neighbors.

We battle with drivers on the road.

We battle with the other political party.

We battle with our emotions.

We battle with our will.

We battle with our thoughts.

The truth is, however, we wouldn’t feel the need to prepare for battle if we didn’t already live from a Heart at War.

Now look, we already covered that I’m not an optimist, so I don’t want you to hear this as Pollyanna vision through rose-colored glasses:

It is possible for each of us to live emotionally free and at peace free right now.

Fundamentally, we are each whole, complete, free, and perfect. We simply have barriers to our experience and expression of it.

We think the world is flawed and needs to be fixed. We think other people are flawed and need to change, die, or be fixed. We think we are flawed and need to be fixed.

Then we resign ourselves that this is just the way things are. “No, I’m not a pessimist, I’m a realist!”

This is why all our battles begin with self-betrayal.

We betray the truth about ourselves and then fight like hell to prove ourselves right.

We betray that inner knowing that a life of peace, love, and understanding is accessible to us all.

We betray the truth that Peace begins with me.

Once we betray the truth of our own capability and power, we can’t help but defend ourselves by blaming everyone else for the state of the world and our emotions.

But all our battles begin with self-betrayal. We wouldn’t be battling otherwise.

We’d be building a better life and world together now.

Thank you for reading. 🙏❤️

P.S. As a transformational coach, I help teens, adults, and organizations move beyond their self-imposed limitations to be their best and feel their best. If you’re interested in finding out how I can support you or your organization, reach out and let’s talk. 💌

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