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on awakening the true self 

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Cut Your Chains, Then Go Create

A client shared that he was feeling overwhelmed and anxious about his plans for the future with his family. He and his wife want to move into a better school district, and they also want a comfortable home that meets all their desires in a home.

This sounds like a perfect thing to plan for, right? So why the overwhelm and anxiety?

You see, each of us can get in touch with a wide open space of possibility. Possibilities for our relationships, for our work, for our family, for our home, for our fitness, for our enjoyment. Such options seem just over the horizon.

We can often more easily see possibilities for other people. You could just do this. She could just go there. You're so amazing at that!

This client knows he and his wife can create an amazing home and future for the family, but when overwhelm and anxiety are in the driver’s seat, he can’t move forward nearly as effectively or enjoyably as he’s able.

Behind our overwhelm and anxiety is always a single thought. This might seem impossible or improbable, and it might seem too simplistic, but it’s true.

So my client and I uncovered this thought sourcing his anxiety, and then we explored the full picture that gets played out when he’s feeling overwhelmed and anxious as a result of this thought.

His thought: “I’m gonna screw this up.”

Seems so simple and obvious, right? And what’s the big deal, don’t we all have this thought?!

This single thought was at the source of his overwhelm and anxiety, and it robbed him of his peace of mind, freedom, and love as a father.

When we do the work of creating a future without first uncovering our pre-existing limiting beliefs about ourselves, we usually end up in one of two places - either we give up and avoid the challenges of creating our dream, or we plow through and battle our way to victory. In other words, we either get resigned or we get exhausted.

There’s another way: get clear to be well, and then create.

My client found well-being (clarity, ease, and peace of mind) in our conversation because he saw that it wasn’t his circumstances that were overwhelming and anxiety-producing - it was his own thinking that was creating the overwhelm and anxiety. Once he had this insight and was able to relax into his innate well-being, he was filled with gratitude and love for his family and his life. He was empowered to move forward in a healthy and creative way to fulfill his commitments and feel great along the way.

This may sound obvious, but well-being is a state of being. We all have access to well-being right now without changing a thing. In fact, the most powerful access to well-being is getting that there’s not a thing we need to change in order to be well.

As my client said in the conversation: “I had shackled myself to that thinking and that feeling.” When he cut loose the chain, he was freed up to be well, enjoy and love his life, and move forward creatively and effectively.

What did he create in that new opening and space of well-being? He created peace, freedom, enjoyment, and love with his family.

So, dear reader, be well and then go create.

Thanks so much for engaging with my work. 🙏❤️

💌 As a transformational life coach, I help people live their best life by breaking through their limitations to feel amazing and create a life they love. If you’re interested in finding out how I can support you, reach out and let’s talk.

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