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on awakening the true self 

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Bringing a Love for Life

As our seniors approach the end of their last year of school, we cross our fingers and hope...

There’s one who’s going to make it. There’s one that we’re worried about. There’s one that needs direct intervention from God to survive.

All of our kids are capable. Some have awakened their innate capabilities more than others. It’s a mix of family, school, and communities. But school can be playing a larger and more effective role in supporting our young people to access their innate capacity to thrive in the face of any adversity or storm.

As educators, we’re doing our best to support our students even when our own lives are sometimes a mess. Sometimes we’re struggling, we’re grappling, and we’re stressing, and we still need to show up for the young people and schools that depend on us.

I see it and I’ve experienced it: we’re doing our best, and yet we’ve got one hand tied behind our back. Most of us grapple in our own lives as individuals with challenging circumstances. We’ve got life on our minds, we’re walking daunting and painful paths, and we haven’t been equipped to deal with life as freely or as empowered as is possible.

I'm committed that schools equip young adults with the self-awareness, mind-management, and creative skills we innately have as humans to help guide us to a life of thriving. But we can never get our students there so long as the adults in the room with them are handicapped by our own gap in this area.

When teachers are thriving in their own lives, firing on all cylinders, playing the game of life and work with a present mind, an open heart, and both hands free and capable - this is an experience of heaven for us teachers, and it's also our access to making the biggest difference with young people.

It already happens off and on in most classrooms around the country. I’d like to make that a more consistent, reliable, and empowering experience for all of us.

It’s my mission and passion to unlock new levels of well-being and a love for life for all educators.

Thanks so much for reading. ❤️

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