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Beautiful and Rare

I just returned from a day-trip to Cleveland. I’ve been a fan of all things space related since I was a kid, and I committed 7 years ago to seeing the total solar eclipse today.

Last week on the radio, someone spoke about the eclipse and what a special opportunity it was to experience such a beautiful and rare phenomenon. There’s also been much talk in the news circles that I follow about the rarity and beauty of a solar eclipse.

And after I pulled up to my house that day, listening to that radio conversation, I stepped out into my driveway and looked at the sky.

Beautiful, gray, puffy clouds, the sunlight shining on different angles of them. Purple flowers in my grass and birds chirping from the trees. And I saw it again...

Each moment is indeed a perfect, rare, and profound opportunity to witness the beautiful and the sacred in the universe.

What if each moment could be seen as beautiful and rare? What if each interaction with another human being is as profound and beautiful an opportunity as a rare solar eclipse?

This isn’t just a philosophical inquiry. Those questions aren’t meant to be theoretical - they’re meant to be practical.

What would it take to bring presence, listening, and unconditional love and respect to EVERY person we interact with (including ourselves)?

Our relationships and interactions are often so transactional. What if it’s possible for them to be experienced as so much more than that?

What if it's possible to view each interaction with other people and even life itself as something sacred, profound, and beautiful?

Here's a more practical question:

Who would you have to be, who would you need to be, or how would you love to be in order to show up with the people in your life as if they are valuable, beautiful, and rare?

Because they are. Each of them.

I'm really really glad I spent 14 hours in the car today (lots of construction traffic) to witness the total eclipse in Cleveland. I'm also grateful that the sacred and the profound surround me ALL the time, and it's just a matter of willingness whether I see it or not.

Thanks so much for reading. ❤️

P.S. There are two ways you can support yourself by working with me: one-on-one coaching and hiring me to work with your team, group, or organization. Contact me when you're ready. 💌

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