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  • Awaken your passions

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Programs that may be offered at a later date:

  • Living and Teaching from your True Self (for educators)

  • Coding Classic Games: 6-week Course​ or 1-week camp (ages 13+)

  • Coding Physics: Introduction to Physics and Coding (ages 15+)

  • Lifting the Veil: Allowing an Understanding of Physics and Astronomy to Change Your Mind (ages 16+)

  • How to Change Your World (ages 16+)


Mick explained the topics really well and ignited my passion in engineering. He is a fun teacher who I can feel really cares about his students. It was my first time feeling that I could be friends with a teacher and have an equal chance to express myself, so that we could learn from each other. He is a kind person that can always spot his students’ strengths. Thank you, Mick!

Kelly X.



Hi, I'm Mick, and I am excited to offer enjoyable, foundational, and meaningful educational programs to adolescents and adults. My degree is in Mechanical Engineering, though I've been engaged in personal and leadership development since before my teaching career began.

I’m in the middle of my 15th year teaching mostly high school kids different types of physics, engineering, and computer science courses. I’ve taught entry-level courses, advanced courses, and mostly courses somewhere in between. I’ve also run a number of engineering and robotics after-school programs at the middle and high school level, as well as co-developed an after school program with NASA.

I’ve taught over 1000 students and had hundreds of colleagues over the last 15 years. I’ve had sleepless nights thinking about how to impact a class of students or even just a single student. I’ve spent hours crafting talks to whole student bodies. And I’ve worked through countless exercises in personal, professional, and leadership development workshops.

What I am most committed to in my profession is supporting students as they develop their understanding of course material, especially when it shifts their view of themselves, others, or the universe. 

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