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  • Satisfy your curiosity 

  • Awaken your passions

  • Clarify and enlighten your perspective



Level Up: Essential Tools to Thrive in Young Adulthood and Beyond (ages 17-22)


Adolescence is a time of growth, exploration, and awakening, and K-12 education is not designed to prepare us to become adults. In this program: 

  • develop a strong sense of self as we explore the nature of being human and the development of identity

  • learn to foster positive habits and free yourself from negative habits

  • find a touchstone of ease and well-being within yourself

  • approach relationships and conversations with confidence, courage, insight, and enjoyment


  • Price: $147

  • 4 group sessions over two weeks:

    • ​Mon. 7/12, ​Wed. 7/14, Mon. 7/19, and Wed. 7/21

    • 7-8:30pm ET on Zoom

  • 1 solo coaching session, one-on-one with Mick, for 1 hour on Zoom:

    • To be scheduled during the course​

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Win at Adulthood: Tools We Should've Learned Years Ago (ages 23+)

We didn't receive a manual and yet we're still making it as adults. But do any of the following apply to you?

  • Life is more stressful than you want it to be

  • Your actions aren't as effective as they could be in all the areas that matter to you

  • There are levels of happiness, satisfaction, and enjoyment that you'd like to experience more consistently

If so, unlock your potential to experience ease, enjoyment, and effectiveness no matter which stage of life you're in. There's no better time than right now to elevate your experience of yourself, others, and life itself.



  • Price: $147

  • 4 group sessions over two weeks:

    • Tue. 7/13, ​Thur. 7/15, Tue. 7/20, and Thur. 7/22

    • 7-8:30pm ET on Zoom

  • 1 solo session, one-on-one with Mick, for 1 hour

    • To be scheduled during the course​

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Mick explained the topics really well and ignited my passion in engineering. He is a fun teacher who I can feel really cares about his students. It was my first time feeling that I could be friends with a teacher and have an equal chance to express myself, so that we could learn from each other. He is a kind person that can always spot his students’ strengths. Thank you, Mick!

Kelly X.



Hi there, and thanks for visiting! Through my 15 years teaching and leading in high schools while participating in various personal development and coaching programs, I've discovered a gap in our education system: we have an innate capacity for ease, enjoyment, and effectiveness no matter the circumstances of life, but most of us never discover or learn to access it.  

My programs are designed to get adolescents and adults there with confidence, creativity, and clarity. Participants can then more easily and effectively make a positive impact in areas of life that matter to them. 

At three very different schools, I've taught over 1000 students, led a department with 16 teachers, and run a K-12 STEM program. As a leader in my men's group, I facilitated numerous trainings on effectiveness and self-awareness, and I've participated in self-discovery and coaching programs with Landmark WorldwideCouples Coaching Couples, and several others.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you have a fantastic day.