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Right Now, Start By Feeling Good

Feeling good is not just an outcome that we’re looking for. Feeling good is also an access to what we’re looking for.

Instead of ending up feeling good as a result of our circumstances and actions, what if we started by feeling good and then acted from there?

That’s freedom. That’s power. That’s living a created life.

It's also living life from the inside-out.

We mostly have an experience of living life from the outside-in, where our circumstances, results, experiences, and people in our lives determine how we feel on any given day and in any given moment. While that's where we think our experience is coming from, that's actually inaccurate.

Try this: Find a really good reason to feel good no matter what. For me, a really good reason to feel good no matter what is that when I'm feeling good, I'm much better at the things I care about, including making a difference with others.

Supporting people to break through their limitations is what I have done as a teacher and a coach for the last 16 years. There are a number of methods that I use to do so, and every single one of them has a similar effect: putting people back into the driver's seat of their lives.

Here's another method: Right now, start by feeling good.

During a coaching conversation last month, a client got in touch with how miraculous her body is. She said she usually has a lot of judgments about her body, but in this exercise she allowed herself to feel love and connection to it. She said it felt good to just connect with her body as it is.

Our thinking isn't always kind, and our thinking is usually not even ours (it's inherited, conditioned, colonized, etc.). But what if it's possible to connect with good feelings at any moment? Even in the midst of fear, confusion, anxiety, anger, or loss?

Try it: eyes opened or closed, scan through your body. Find where you're already feeling good. Where you're feeling neutral or perhaps a little uncomfortable, see if you can shift those places into feeling good too.

We all want to feel good.

Being happy feels good.

Being healthy feels good.

Being well feels good.

Doing what we love feels good.

Fulfilling our purpose feels good.

Contributing feels good.

Growing feels good.

Loving feels good.

Caring feels good.

Feeling good is not just an outcome of living a life we love - feeling good is an access to living a life we love: effectiveness, enjoyment, appreciation, compassion, love, and creativity.

Thanks so much for reading. ❤️

P.S. If you'd like to have a conversation to see how I help people feel good while breaking through limitations they've been experiencing in life, send me a message and let's schedule a free conversation.

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