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Level Up: Essential Tools to Thrive in Young Adulthood and Beyond (ages 17-22)


Adolescence is a time of growth, exploration, and awakening, and K-12 education is not designed to prepare us to become adults. In this program: 

  • develop a strong sense of self as we explore the nature of being human and the development of identity
  • learn to foster positive habits and free yourself from negative habits
  • find a touchstone of ease and well-being within yourself
  • approach relationships and conversations with confidence, courage, insight, and enjoyment


Four Sessions, 7-8:30pm ET on Zoom:

  • Session 1: Mon. July 12
  • Session 2: Wed. July 14
  • Session 3: Mon. July 19
  • Session 4: Wed. July 21


1-on-1 solo coaching session with Mick:

  • 1 hour conversation to support participants' individual needs
  • Participants can select a convenient time for them



  • Participants are registering for this program freely and out of genuine interest.

  • Sessions will begin and end on time.

  • Participants will attend all sessions and participate as much as possible.

  • Participants will maintain each others' and Mick's privacy.

  • Participants will keep their web cameras on as much as possible.

  • Participants will participate and reach out when they are struggling with program content. 

  • Participants can expect Mick to do his absolute best to ensure their success in the program.


Participant information form:

Upon registering, participants will receive an email to a participant information form. Please fill this out as soon as possible!




Level Up: Essential Tools to Thrive in Young Adulthood and Beyond (ages 17-22)

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