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Inspiration and Commitment

I turned to a friend sitting next to me and said:

“I just realized something. I’m committed to acting from inspiration whenever I feel it.”

Two lessons in this statement have blown my mind.

Lesson #1

Inspiration is a gift. It’s precious. It’s beautiful. It’s inviting. It’s clear.

It can be a calling, a whisper, a nudge, a truth, or an awareness. Acting from inspiration when it strikes honors our authentic self, and it honors the life force and vitality that is the source of our EVERYTHING.

However it shows up, answering the call of inspiration can be one of the most powerful things we do.

We can honor it or not. We can act on it or not. We can even honor it but not act on it.

Training our inner ear to hear inspiration when it speaks to us is one of the most powerful and important skills we can develop. It’s one of the core benefits to coaching - our minds can muddy the waters of our inspiration, and a coach can guide us to clarity for ourselves.

How has inspiration been poking you? What action has inspiration been inviting you to take?

Lesson #2

Commitment is something we put to words and action, but commitment comes from within.

I asked my wife to marry me when I heard the idea from within.

I Googled, found, and then committed to joining the Baltimore City Teaching Residency in response to a calling from within.

I promised to blog twice weekly last year and once weekly this year to honor the poke of creativity from within.

Commitment begins with a whisper of inspiration from within, gets honored when we speak it aloud, and gets fulfilled when we act in alignment with it.

What inner desires of yours would you love to turn into commitments?

Thanks so much for reading. ❤️

P.S. If you're ready to live an inspired life and you'd like support in doing so as smoothly, courageously, and effectively as you can, reach out and let's explore working together.

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