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There are critical gaps in K-12 education. Let's fill them.

Teachers' well-being matters


We've taken the health and well-being of educators for granted, and it has an impact. The Covid-19 pandemic has challenged all of us, especially those of us who have needed to show up for so many others in these uncertain, strange, and isolating times. When the pandemic ends, however, educators' health and well-being will still matter just as much.

New Sight Education's workshops and life coaching give teachers what they need: access to their innate capacity to thrive in all areas of life - no matter the circumstances. It's a big promise, and we deliver.

An educator's well-being, insight, and integrity matter not just to the educators and their families; our schools are heavily impacted by a teachers' access to consistent and reliable wellness. Whether we signed up for this part of the job or not, teachers model the possibility and potential of adulthood for our students, and most of us aren't doing this as well as we could. 

Schedule a consultation call today to see how New Sight Education's workshops can benefit you, your teachers, and your school.

Students need us, and the world needs them

There are critical gaps in how we do K-12 education, and no one else is going to fill them for us.

We educators are often so focused on and committed to the content of our curriculum that we lose sight of the most important education our students really need: reliable access to confidence, creativity, and clarity of self and purpose. As they grow and enter adulthood, our young people need more than content, and it's possible for our schools to give it to them. 


New Sight Education works from the fundamental premise that we are all inherently well and wise - this underlies the human experience. While some of us have figured out how to access our innate capacity for well-being and wisdom, this education could be a part of every school's ethos and curriculum. 


However, as inevitable models of the power, potential, and pathologies of adulthood for students, this work begins with teachers. New Sight Education's Level-Up Workshop and life coaching has been proven to reliably give adults access to their inherent well-being and wisdom, and we ask that you consider what impact a faculty of engaged, fulfilled, and thriving teachers can have on your school's effectiveness in living up to its mission.

Set up a consultation call today to see how New Sight Education's Level-Up Workshop and life coaching can impact your teachers, staff, and students.


Mick allowed me to step outside my comfort zone and think outside the box like I haven’t done before.  He created a safe and comfortable environment for participants to dive deep and share their thoughts and feelings. These workshop topics have allowed me to be more present for my students, which allows me to be my best self and do what's best for my students. 

Steve S.

Middle School History Teacher

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