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Transformational life coaching and workshops: thrive and make your best impact.


  • Experience greater ease, enjoyment, and satisfaction

  • Access your innate capacity for insight and well-being

  • Apply your passions, interests, and skills with greater effectiveness and fulfillment

  • Level-up in all areas of life




Whether it's in just one area of life or across the board, most of us have a sense that we're capable of more. Break through your limitations and live unconstrained. 


Life coaching with Mick will guide you to unprecedented insights and results, and they'll come more easily and enjoyably than you can imagine.



We have an innate capacity for ease, enjoyment, and effectiveness no matter the circumstances in life. However, most of us never discover or learn to access it. My workshops change that.

  • Develop a strong and clear sense of self.

  • Approach relationships and conversations with confidence, courage, insight, and enjoyment

  • Foster positive habits and free yourself from negative habits

  • Find an ever-present touchstone of ease and well-being within yourself.




I had a great experience that has continued to reverberate through my daily life and interactions, with people close to me and even at work. Seeing how my "weaknesses" serve me was mind blowing. There were such helpful tools - like getting present - that we can use in all areas of life. I grew in confidence and insight into myself. 

Sadé N.

The insight, wisdom, and curiosity Mick brought to the workshop was incredibly helpful. He created space for others to get present to their own insights. For people from all walks of life and all ages - we all have similar questions - it's comforting to see that none of us have it all together. Mick was our guide in getting one step closer. 

Paul N.

The workshop tied together well-designed conversations about tools that allow access to insights and awareness. I really enjoyed it and felt comfortable with everyone. Mick listens well for what is important to each participant, and he asks great questions that lead participants to deeper insights. 

Gary W.



Hi there, and thanks for visiting! Through my 15 years teaching and leading in high schools while participating in various personal development and coaching programs, I've discovered a gap in our education system: we have an innate capacity for ease, enjoyment, and effectiveness no matter the circumstances of life, but most of us never discover or learn to access it.  

My programs and coaching are designed to get clients there with confidence, creativity, and clarity. Participants can then more easily and effectively make a positive impact in areas of life that matter to them.


At three very different schools, I've taught well over 1000 students, led a department with 16 teachers, run a K-12 STEM program, prepared faculty for pandemic teaching, and won leadership, teaching/mentoring, and technology awards and grants. As a leader in my men's group and other self-discovery and coaching programs, I've facilitated numerous trainings on effectiveness and self-awareness, and I've trained and coached others in living life unbounded. I've participated in self-discovery and coaching programs with Landmark WorldwideCouples Coaching Couples, Michael Neill, and others.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you have a fantastic day.